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You should try NetZero if you want mobile broadband, DSL broadband or dial-up for reliable, affordable Internet access. It is one of America's most popular ISPs, offering customers three low-priced Internet services to make accessing the Web easier and more convenient than ever. Whether you want to do online shopping, social networking, educational research, online computer games, or just use e-mail, try NetZero first. It's perfect for meeting the needs of any budget and fulfilling the personal Internet demands of all types of people.

Accelerated Internet Service
If you want the fastest connection at a low price, then try the NetZero HiSpeed Internet service. It is a next generation Internet service that lets you surf the Web up to five times faster* than basic dial-up. It offers all the features of NetZero Platinum, with unlimited Internet access, built-in Google search tool, MegaMail enhanced email service, Norton™ AntiVirus security and more. Getting this online security is an exceptional value that offers award-winning antivirus protection. It helps to protect you from viruses, worms, hacker attacks, spyware and much more -- and it comes with NetZero HiSpeed! You will also enjoy easy access to your own personal "My NetZero" start page, where you will find the latest news headlines, as well as celebrity gossip, sports headlines, shopping tools, financial services and much more. The NetZero HiSpeed Internet service works from any phone jack using a standard phone connection that plugs directly into your PC. This service does not require any new hardware and can be downloaded in as little as five minutes at The standard price for this service is only $20.95 per month*. It includes the basic NetZero Platinum Internet service featuring compatibility with instant messaging at no additional charge.

Basic Internet Service
The basic NetZero Platinum Internet service offers a value-priced, high-quality Internet connection for less than other Internet Services Providers. This easy-to-use service will download in as little as two minutes and provides unlimited Internet access so that you can enjoy the best of what the Internet has to offer. You will get POP and web-based email (accessible from any Internet-connected computer anywhere), direct access to anywhere you want to go on the World Wide Web, thousands of Internet access numbers for reliable Internet connections, compatibility with popular instant messaging programs offered on AOL, Earth Link, MSN and Yahoo, and many other features. Plus, enjoy easy access to a built-in Google Web search engine, as well as a streamlined "My NetZero" start page featuring news and sports headlines, shopping, and financial services. The NetZero Platinum Internet service is also available to Mac users who prefer surfing the Web on an Apple computer.

DSL Broadband
NetZero also offers DSL broadband Internet service in many areas across the country. With DSL broadband, you can surf the Web up to 100 times faster than dial-up, with an "always on" connection that never ties up your phone line. You will also get free Norton AntiVirus, MegaMail enhanced email service, and free 12/5 Live Customer Support, Monday through Friday, from 10AM to 7PM Eastern Time. Plus, your order will include a free wireless modem with a firewall, as well as a complimentary dial-up account for a reliable backup Internet connection. Check availability of DSL in your area by entering your home phone number.

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