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  • Puzzle games like "Bejeweled 2 Deluxe" and "Dream Day Wedding."
  • Arcade games like "Peggle" and "Cake Mania 2."
  • Card games like "Slingo" and "Dream Vacation Solitaire."
  • Mahjong including "Alice's Magical Mahjong."
  • Action games like "Diner Dash: Flo Thru Time."
  • Kids games like "Magic Match."
  • Sports games like "Magic Ball 2: New Worlds."
Can't I just get these games for free on the Internet?
No, you cannot get these premium games online for free. You may be able to find some demo/trial versions, but to enjoy full, unlimited play you need to subscribe to Games Unlimited.
Can I try a game before I buy it?
Yes. All of the downloadable games have a free trial version available. These are limited-play versions of the full game, letting you play up to 60 minutes. They show the actual game graphics and movement, so you can get a true feel for the game. To download your trial version, simply select "Play for Free" and click on "Download Trial Version." Follow the onscreen instructions to install the game on your computer.
How can I play the game after installing it?
During installation, a small shortcut games icon is placed on your desktop. To play your game, just double-click on this icon.
What is the 'My Games' page?
The "My Games" page shows you all of the games you've downloaded in one place as a sort of account summary. This page shows you the games you've purchased and which you've simply downloaded as a trial version. Plus, it lets you know how much time remains on the trial versions. Each game also has a "Play Now" button next to it, which will let you launch the game.
In order to play the games, your computer must meet these minimum system requirements:
• 333MHz Pentium® Processor
• 64MB of RAM
• 28.8K modem
• Windows 95® operating system
• Video card
• Internet Explorer® 5.x Internet browser
• Must have Shockwave® plugin installed
• Flash® plugin Version 6.0
• 450MHz Pentium II processor
• 128MB of RAM
• 56K modem or higher
• 3D Video card w/8MB RAM
• Internet Explorer 7.x
• Shockwave plugin
• Flash plugin Version 6.0
Certain games may have system requirements different than these, with variations in processor speed, RAM, disk space and graphics capability. If you see a game you're interested in, click the "More Info" button to read the specific system requirements.
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Games Unlimited Play / Free Trial
Unlimited access applies only to games contained on the Games Unlimited page with $5.95/month subscription. All games have a 60-minute free trial.