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Fast Connection Speeds* - Load web pages in seconds with speeds up to 6.0Mbps.
Free NetZero HiSpeed Dial-Up Account - Use it as a backup.
Modem with Firewall Included ($62 value).
Free 12/5 Live Customer Support, Monday through Friday, from 9AM to 9PM Eastern Time.
FREE Norton AntiVirus Online - Helps to protect you and your PC from online threats.
Unlimited "Always On" Internet Access - Never tie up your landline phone.
Free MegaMail - Premium email with built-in spam/virus protection and enhanced features.
Fast, Easy Signup And Startup - Get online in minutes.
What is NetZero DSL?
NetZero DSL is a service featuring high-speed broadband Internet service up to 100 times faster than dial-up.* DSL is an "always on" service, meaning you don't need a second phone line or have to dial in to connect - just open your web browser and you're set!
NetZero DSL service comes bundled with:
• Modem and Firewall ($62 value)
• Free Norton Antivirus Online to protect you from viruses and more
• Free MegaMail premium email with built-in spam/virus protection
• Free NetZero HiSpeed Dial-Up Account for backup
• Free 12/7 Live Technical Support
Can I use my NetZero DSL broadband service on more than one computer?
Yes. You can access the Internet using NetZero DSL on any computer that is connected to the NetZero DSL modem.
If you set up a home or Wi-Fi network, other computers can use your NetZero DSL broadband connection. Please note that if you create a home network, you are responsible for the purchase and setup of the network. We cannot recommend or troubleshoot any equipment or configuration problems you might have with third party network devices.
If I upgrade from a NetZero dial-up account to NetZero DSL can I keep my email address?
Yes. Upgrading from a NetZero dial-up account to NetZero DSL service will not affect your current NetZero email account. Both your member ID and password will remain the same, and you will use the same information to sign in to the Message Center, your My Account page, and all other areas of NetZero.
Your system must have the following minimum specifications to use NetZero DSL Broadband:
For Windows® 98/ME:
266MHz or faster Intel Pentium® Processor (or equivalent)
125MB free Hard Disk space
CD or DVD-ROM drive
Ethernet Network Interface Card (NIC) or USB port
Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.x® or above
For Windows® 2000/XP:
300MHz or faster (266MHz for Win 2000) Intel Pentium® Processor (or equivalent)
150MB free Hard Disk space
CD or DVD-ROM drive
Ethernet Network Interface Card (NIC) or USB port
Microsoft Internet Explorer® 5.x or above
For Windows® Vista/7:
800MHz or faster Intel Pentium Processor (or equivalent)
15GB free Hard Disk space
CD or DVD-ROM drive
USB port or 10Base-T Ethernet Network Interface Card (NIC)
Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.x or above
For Mac OSX®:
333MHz G3 Processor or better
12MB free Hard Disk space
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NetZero DSL
DSL speed ratings, e.g. 100X, are compared to a standard 56.6Kbps dial-up connection. Additional fees may apply including a Network Management Surcharge of up to $2.95. Plans may require a commitment period; commitment periods may vary depending on service location. Discounted plans will revert to the then current rate after the discount period has ended. All plans require a one-time processing & handling fee of $29.95. Cancellation prior to the end of the commitment period may incur an early termination fee.
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